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Another Week and More Sunshine!

The Cats of the Esker

We adopted two stray cats in January and are slowing attempting to domesticate them. Ash and Maslow are about seven months old. They were part of a litter of three cats born to a feral momma cat named Gyra.

Ash and Maslow are still fairly skittish around us but they do come inside the house at night and we can feed them by hand. I'm not sure if they'll ever become lap cats but we'll keep on trying.

Bluebirds and Flowers

In the five and a half years that we've lived at Hogsback acre, I've only seen eastern bluebirds a couple of times. So I was happy to see a pair spend most of the week investigating the yard. Best of all, the female of the pair has been spending time inside a wren nest box. We are hoping they decide to nest here.

The spring bulbs including daffodils and tulips are up in the yard as well as some bloodroot blooms.

The Wood Ducks of Sycamore Creek

Both nest boxes currently have hens incubating their nests. This is about 2-3 weeks earlier than in previous years, perhaps due to the mild winter and spring. There have been as many as six males and three hens in the creek creating a "duck swarm". One pair of woodies has been investigating the bird feeders in the backyard.

ICD Visit

On April 9th, we visited the Ingham Conservation District property and enjoyed the sunshine. On our walk we saw several Red Admiral (Vanessa atalanta) butterflies and twenty-one species of birds.

Dansville SGA

On April 13th we stopped by the Bunker Marsh in the Danville State Game Area. It's an amazing wetland with abundant waterfowl. Besides a lone sandhill crane we saw numerous Canada Geese on nests, many ring-necked ducks, and a pair of pied-billed grebes.

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