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A Weekend and Sunny Skies

After a bleak few weeks of early spring weather we finally had two days of sunshine. You know what that means? Yes, quality time outdoors with a camera (or two).

Saturday, April 6th was spent here on the esker while the birds did their thing. In total I saw or heard 20 species of birds. I grabbed a few photos (below) and some videos for future releases on my YouTube channel. All of these images were captured with my Nikon P1000 Coolpix, which didn't get much use under the gloomy March skies.

I was surprised to find that the two wood duck nest boxes on Sycamore Creek each nave hens sitting on their eggs. This is about two to three weeks earlier than in previous years.

I spent the morning of Sunday April 7th at the Ingham Conservation District where I saw 32 bird species. I used my lighter and more mobile camera (Canon PowerShot SX70HS) since I spent more time in wooded areas where most of the bird activity occurs within close range.

Dude in the Woods

I was happy to see that two of the four new bluebird boxes that I built this year have been claimed by male bluebirds. There are also two active wood duck nests in the boxes that I set up last season. One of which had a hen sitting on eleven eggs, the other had six eggs which are not yet being incubated.

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