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The Birds of Hogsback Acre

Since September 2018, a total of 75 bird species have been observed at Hogsback Acre. The actual number of species is likely higher for transient species during migration. 

Systematic daily observations began on March 15, 2021. An "observation" is recorded when a bird species is seen or heard. In many cases, the bird is observed flying over Hogsback Acre. An observation is a record of a species and does not reflect the number of individual birds of each species.


Some species inhabit Hogsback Acre throughout the year, while others spend portions of the year here. Daily observations are an indication of how common or rare a species is.  

Information on each observed species is found below.  This includes information on the frequency of observations (i.e common, year-round), the probability of observing the species on a given day of the week (listed as %), and the ranking which is a measure of how common the species is (#1 is most common).