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Enter the Dark Season

With the end of Daylight Saving Time on November 5th, the dark season has officially begun. With each day, we see less and less of the sun and turn towards the dark skies and much cooler temperatures. On November 18th we had a rare clear night giving us a good glimpse of a waxing crescent moon in the southern sky.

Waxing Crescent Moon

My neighbor has a small observatory called "The Hogsback Observatory" and he mentioned that this evening would be a great opportunity to see Jupiter and four of its largest moons. He has some great planetary photos from his telescope and I took aim with my Nikon P1000 wildlife camera. From left to right in the photo below you can see Io (moon), Jupiter (planet), Europa (moon), Ganymede (moon), and Callisto (moon).

Jupiter and Four Moons

While the wood ducks and most migrant bird species have left Michigan for the dark season, the year round species remain. One of our favorites being the Eastern Screech Owl. On several sunny afternoons, I was able to spot one poking its head out of a duck box on the creek.

Easter Screech Owl in Duck Box

And finally, the Blue Jays have successfully trained me to install a window feeder. In return for the photos below, I was required to handsomely reward the Jays with peanuts.

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